Heartbreaking Goodbye: Imgur User Documents Her Last Day with Her Dog

Posted by Mateja Lane

Saying goodbye is never easy, but now with social media, everyone can mourn with you. 

An Imgur user uploaded the last day with her old dog, Hannah, and it has quickly gone viral.

Hannah and her family had a wonderful last day, starting with an aromatherapy bath.


Followed by one more guilt-free meal.


Hannah got her toes painted.


And got to play with her friends.


And as spritely as Hannah seemed, she had been having serious seizures for months that made it hard for her to walk. She was on lots of different medications for her kidneys and the arthritis in her elbows and hips.

Hannah's family knew it was time for a gently passing.


When dogs are going through that kind of pain and suffering, what do you do?


It was time for Hannah to pass over the rainbow bridge.


Hannah was truly loved and will be missed by her whole family.


Hannah's owner documented her last day on Snapchat and then uploaded the story to Imgur, where millions of people could help her grieve.

g8b310zSaying goodbye to a pet is never easy, but there is something powerful about having people all over the world share your pain and contribute their own stories about pets they have lost.

Hannah's owner knew what she had to do to help Hannah have a peaceful ending to a wonderful life.

"...I decided to give her one last hoo-rah day of pampering, like the queen she's always been, and let her go. Where there would be no pain, no seizures, no whimpering in the night. Just peace and hopefully love. <3"

All images via Imgur

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Heartbreaking Goodbye: Imgur User Documents Her Last Day with Her Dog