Ryan Gosling Talking About His Late Dog George Will Touch Your Heart

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Ryan Gosling and Ellen DeGeneres
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Sometimes it’s hard to remember that movie stars are people first and actors second.

But during his recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, actor Ryan Gosling reminded fans that, in a sense, he’s just like them – a lover of animals, especially of his late dog, George.

Gosling appeared on the talk show this past Friday, where he talked to host Ellen DeGeneres about losing George this past December. Gosling described George, who was 17 years old at the time of his passing, as “a good friend to me.” While hosting Saturday Night Live (SNL) on NBC, Gosling wore a shirt at the end as a tribute to George.

Like any good friend, George was there for most of the important moments in Gosling’s life, traveling with him to each film set and on the red carpet.

According to Gosling, George didn’t seem to know he was a dog.

“I think he felt like being a dog was beneath him,” he said. “…if you wanted him to sit down you’d have to convince him it was in his best interest.”

Once, while dining at an outdoor restaurant with George and a few friends, one of the friends excused themselves momentarily and George took the opportunity to climb up into the open seat and join the conversation.

As George got along in years Gosling describes him as an aging rockstar- “kinda skinny-fat with big hair…no teeth, kinda open sores…” The audience loves it and everyone can relate.

When DeGeneres asked Gosling whether he would get a new dog now that some time had passed, he didn’t give a firm “yes” or “no” answer, responding with a noncommittal “we’ll see.” He is busy with his two girls with actress Eva Mendes.

It’s clear that the beloved dog is still close to Gosling’s heart, both figuratively and literally, as he even wears George’s dog tag around his neck.

Gosling’s new movie “Blade Runner 2049,” also featuring Harrison Ford, is in theaters now.

What do you think about Gosling’s dog George? Share your thoughts below.

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Ryan Gosling Talking About His Late Dog George Will Touch Your Heart