Headbutting Goats Get All Wound up Over Ice Cream

Posted by TF Oren

It's hard not to get a little wound up when you know you're about to get a delicious treat.

In fact, some of us can hardly contain our excitement to the point that we have to do something to let that exuberance out.

And by some of us, we mean these super excitable goats you're about to see.

They are jumping all over each other to get a lick of the passerby's ice cream cone. One would think their level of excitement would cease after getting a taste of the treat, but these goats are just getting started.

So what do you do when you're a goat who's just eaten ice cream and JUST CANNOT CONTAIN YOUR EXCITEMENT OVER IT?! Uh, obviously you head-butt your buddy. Repeatedly.

Check it out:

Hopefully these goats aren't lactose intolerant, as that could make things unpleasant for everyone else in the barnyard.

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What do you think of these excitable ice cream enthusiasts? Let us know in the comments section!

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Headbutting Goats Get All Wound up Over Ice Cream