Hawaiian Shelter Gives Final Dog Adopted a Wonderful Send-Off

Posted by Amber King
Hawaiian humane society send off

The Hawaiian Humane Society sure knows how to celebrate an adoption.

After a four-day Clear the Shelter event, there was only one dog left at the Hawaiian Humane Society in Honolulu. Beauty, a scruffy cutie of a mixed breed, waited patiently for her forever home.

Shelter staff members and volunteers had been working tirelessly the last few days to do something they've never done before. In the 130 years since the shelter's founding, they had never adopted out all their dogs. By waiving all adoption fees, they hoped to make that milestone in time for the new year.

When a woman named Jan came to the shelter on New Year's Eve, their goal was finally met. Just in time, Jan quickly fell in love with Beauty and decided to take her home. Thrilled to see their last remaining dog welcomed into a forever family, the shelter staff decided to send Beauty and Jan off in the best way they could.

As the newly united pair left the shelter, staff and volunteers lined the hall to cheer them on and say farewell. Suzy Tam, communications manager for the shelter, told TODAY,

"It was an amazing moment. We wanted to celebrate this historic milestone by giving Beauty and Jan a round of applause as they exited our campus."

The shelter regularly welcomes 60 new animals a day, and their recent accomplishment has initiated an overwhelmingly positive response from the local community.

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Hawaiian Shelter Gives Final Dog Adopted a Wonderful Send-Off