Off the Leash Daily Cartoons Will Have Dog Owners Rolling on the Floor Laughing

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All images via Off the Leash/Rupert Fawcett.

Get your daily dose of canine funny with Off the Leash cartoons!

London-based cartoonist Rupert Fawcett didn't always draw dogs. And he wasn't always famous.

Like many aspiring artists, Fawcett met a lot of rejection before he finally made a breakthrough, which came in the form of an elderly slipper-clad bald man named Fred.

Puppy High School! ✏️??

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Fred made his way into magazines and greeting cards, soon followed by another original character named Daddy.

Which one is your dog? Tag a friend #offtheleash

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While Fawcett's cartoon career has certainly taken off since his first doodle back in 1989, we at Wide Open Pets are a little partial to the Off the Leash comics. The images offer a dose of bow-wow humor to which every pooch owner can relate.

Does your dog stick his head out of the window?!?? #offtheleash

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Sometimes our dogs do things we don't understand, like rolling in any and everything dirty, dead and disgusting.

Happy Mother's Day?

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Sometimes dogs run our lives.

Tag a friend! #offtheleash #offtheleashcartoon

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And cause domestic disputes.

I'm sure we've all been faced with this scenario... #ichoosethedog! #offtheleashcartoon

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Dogs don't seem to grasp the concept of privacy.

Or personal space.

Cuddle? #offtheleashcartoon #offtheleash

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Or convenience.

And always right in front of the door? #offtheleashcartoon #offtheleash

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But we love them anyway.

Sticky roller this morning, anyone??? ?

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Visit the official Off the Leash website to peruse a gallery of cartoon canine comedy and check out the online store! You can also follow them on Instagram!

Do you have a favorite dog cartoonist? Share with us in the comments below!

All images via Off the Leash/Rupert Fawcett.

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