Domestically-Bred Wolves Find Homes at Howling Woods Farm, a Place with More Space

Posted by Tori Holmes
collage of wolfdogs are howling woods farm

Howling Woods Farm is not your average animal shelter. 

Located in Jackson, New Jersey, the team at Howling Woods Farm is dedicated to the care of, and education about, domestically-bred wolves, wolfdog hybrids, and northern breeds.

While Howling Woods does not breed, nor encourage the breeding of, these special canines their team is committed to their ongoing protection and education.


Currently, the farm is home to seven pups that are all classified as wolves or wolfdogs. The majority of these dogs were surrendered to the farm by breeders or shelters who were not able to provide the necessary care for these mixed breeds or were not legally allowed to own them in their state.

Howling Woods Farm is the forever home for some of the dogs that arrive there, but there are some that can be rehomed to families in the community.

The Howling Woods team takes great care to place each canine in an environment that is appropriate for their specific temperament and genetic makeup so that they do not end up homeless again. Depending on the canine, they can end up anywhere from homes and farms to sanctuaries and other destinations.


In addition to the work they do to care and rehome wolves and wolf dogs, the Howling Woods team also provides education and information to the general public, government officials, and shelter officials.

If you are interested in visiting Howling Woods Farm or learning more about their education programs, you can visit their website or Facebook page.

Keep up the great work, we love to see everything you are doing for these canines!

What do you think of this farm for wolfdogs? Let us know in the comments below!

All photos courtesy of Howling Woods Farm

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Domestically-Bred Wolves Find Homes at Howling Woods Farm, a Place with More Space