The LICKI Brush Lets You Groom Your Cat with Your 'Tongue'

Posted by Tori Holmes
LICKI brush
All images via Licki Brush

Have you ever felt that you were missing out on social bonding experience of grooming your cat? Now you don't have to.

The PDX Pet Design team at LICKI Brush want to make sure that all cat owners have the opportunity to form close relationships with their cats.

Using the LICKI Brush, humans are now able to join in on social bonding through grooming without the yucky hairballs.

The LICKI Brush is a high-quality, soft silicone brush that you can grasp with your teeth while grooming your cat. Designed with your cat in mind, the LICKI Brush feels great on your cat's sensitive skin and is an oddly meditative practice. The intimate licking ritual is similar to how a mama cat bonds with her kittens, so you are basically mothering your lovable furballs. Brushing your cat with the rubber tongue on a regular basis will put your feline friends in a pleasant mood and strengthen your bond.


While this may seem like one of the odder pet products coming to the market, it has garnered quite a bit of media attention since the Kickerstarter launched. The LICKI Brush has been featured on "Live with Kelly" and "The Tonight Show," as well as on websites such as PETA, Bored Panda, and Mashable. It was even pitched on "Shark Tank" to pretty funny reviews.

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Believe it or not, there were enough backers to push the LICKI Brush into production. You can now find the cat brush on Amazon for $24.99.

Whether or not you can see yourself using the LICKI Brush on your intelligent cat companion, you have to admit it's certainly a creative idea! You'll be closer to becoming a crazy cat lady, and that's okay. It also makes for a great gag gift and the holidays are fast approaching...

Tell us what you think of this giant tongue in the comments below. 

All images via LICKI Brush

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The LICKI Brush Lets You Groom Your Cat with Your 'Tongue'