Harvey Rescue Dog Finds Forever Home with Man Who Saved Her

Posted by Krissy Howard

A dog chained up and left to endure a flooded Houston after Hurricane Harvey has found her forever home with the man who saved her.

Tied to a front porch and left to endure the devastating floodwaters of Hurricane Harvey, a dog has been given a second chance at a life full of comfort and love thanks to the man who rescued her.

Good News Network reports that Texas Sheriff Troy Nehls, along with a local news crew, discovered the dog amid the rising waters just in the nick of time. With only her head peeking out above the floodwaters, Nehls and crew raced to rescue the stranded dog.

After being cut free and lifted up into a rescue boat, the dog, who was named Archer after one of the journalists there for her rescue, was taken to the Humane Society, where she was looked over by a veterinarian before being released with a clean bill of health.

The team of journalists in tow with Nehls for the rescue was able to track down Archer's former owners, who were forced to evacuate without their dog to escape the hurricane's devastation. Her owners believed Archer wouldn't be badly affected, as they incorrectly assumed the water wouldn't reach that high.

Unable to return to their home because of the flooding, her former family surrendered the dog to Nehls, who was more than happy to provide the survivor with her new forever home.

"There's a bond this dog and I have now that will remain with us. She's not tied up to a front porch," Sheriff Nehls said in an interview with The Dodo. "Now she's in a home that is comfortable, she's sleeping on a bed and she gets constant attention from the family."

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Harvey Rescue Dog Finds Forever Home with Man Who Saved Her