Psychologist Says Dogs May Dream About Their Owners; Twitter Hilariously Responds

Posted by Stacey Venzel
sleeping dogs

Sleeping dogs are thinking of their humans, and owners just can't handle it.

Last week, Dr. Deirdre Barrett, a professor of psychology at Harvard University, shared insight about pets that owners have been dreaming to hear.

In anticipation of USA Network's new dream-themed psychological thriller, "Falling Water," people were asked whose sleeping heads they would most like to get inside. The resounding answer: pets.

Dr. Barrett was interviewed by People magazine and presented her professional opinion of what exactly pets, dogs in particular, might be thinking about in their REM cycle. It turns out dogs are most likely dreaming about their owners.

People read the article and set their emotions aflutter on Twitter:

But it's not just dogs dreaming about humans. Turns out people do a lot of dreaming about dogs, too:

And sometimes our dog dreams are a little tormented:

And if you're asking if you should get a dog, the answer is always yes:

Seriously, we don't want to be this guy:

If you find yourself dog-less, rectify that. There are plenty of shelter dogs in need of forever homes. And there are also neighbor dogs, friends' dogs, co-worker dogs, and that dog you know from your morning commute but you've never really met.

Twitter agrees. We all need dogs in our lives.

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