Harrowing Video Shows Two Men Escaping Cascade Fire with Their Dogs

Posted by Jason Sarna
Cascade Fire house gone
Image via gofundme

These two roommates are lucky to be alive!

When Michael Vien and his roommate Layton Smith of Yuba County, California, started seeing smoke, they called the local sheriff to ask if they should evacuate, but - according to Vien - the sheriff replied, "No."

Eventually, the power shut off, and the sky turned orange.

Vien and Smith grabbed some flashlights, loaded up their dogs in their Ford Expedition, and took off.

Check out a video of the escape below:

"We are thankful we had a big enough truck to make it past the flames and our dogs trusted us enough to get in the car when we asked," wrote Vien on his gofundme page.

Although Vien and Smith and their dogs made it out of the fire alive, they, like many people, have lost everything.

cascade fire damage
Image via gofundme

Vien does not blame the sheriff for telling them not to evacuate. He wrote on his gofundme page:

"I want to be clear that we do not blame the sheriff or the fire department for what happened to us, even thouh [sic] we do curse them breifly [sic] in the video. Those were words said in a fear fuled [sic] adrenaline rush. We know they were doing their best and there is no way they could have known how fast it was moving at that time."

Smith thankfully had fire insurance, but Vien did not. He lost pretty much everything he owns and started a gofundme fundraiser to help get him back on his feet. If you want to learn more or donate, you can click here.

Have you ever seen such a harrowing escape video? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Harrowing Video Shows Two Men Escaping Cascade Fire with Their Dogs