18 Harrowing Pet Rescue Stories from Hurricane Harvey

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It's been a horrifying week as the world turns to Texas. 

Natural disasters are terrible to witness and in this world of constant connectivity, it can make you feel like you are right there with the victims. The photos coming out of the Hurricane Harvey tragedy are both heartbreaking and inspiring, especially those of people rescuing their pets.

Here are some photos proving that Texans are tough as nails but are not willing to leave their furry friends behind.

1. The Military Guard is not leaving anyone behind.

2. These dogs were saved in the nick of time. Read the whole story here

Update: boats have arrived!!! If donating please reference Harvey. This is a partner rescue of Dallas DogRRR and we will be taking in a number of these dogs. *** 9 1 1 *** Tall Tales Rescue is in serious need of help! They opened the dam north of us and we got over a foot of water overnight...and it's still rising! They're going to release more water from upstream and more rain is on the horizon. We've got to go and we've got to go now! We won't leave the dogs so need help getting them out by boat. We need temporary places for them to stay as well. We will need about 20 more large crates. We're still having trouble wrapping our heads around this and really aren't sure where to begin. Can anyone get to us with a boat and a trailer so we can make several trips back and forth with dogs in crates? Tall Tales Rescue 413 Speights Loop Road Hankamer, TX 77560 Please share, we need help and we need it NOW!!! #dallasdogrrr #adoptdontshop #fosteringsaveslives #fostersneeded #doglivesmatter #adorable #pawfect #furbaby #dallasdoglife #rescued #rescuedogsofinstagram #dallas #texasdogs #dogstagram #puppygram #barkpost #dfw #dallasdogs #dogrescuesofig #fostersaveslives #adoptme  #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #hurricaneharvey #easttexas

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3. This dog was rescued from the roof of a car. 

4. These guys walked alongside the boat in the water to make room for 21 dogs. 

5. These cowboys rescued their horse and more in fast-moving waters. Read the whole story here

6. A compilation of police officers rescuing dogs.

7. Best Friends Animal Society is doing all they can. 

8. These dogs were rescued but not after significant controversy over this image. Read the story here

9. No furry family members left behind. 

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10. Wings of Rescue is deploying planes to transport rescue animals to shelters outside of Texas. 

Texas needs our help and we need your support! #WingsofRescue is preparing to deploy planes full of crates and supplies to Texas from where we will be flying shelter pets who prior to the hurricane were unclaimed and relocate them to safety at a network of shelters and rescue partners throughout the United States. We are working with the #TheHumaneSocietyoftheUnitedStates, the GreaterGood.org and a wide range of local rescue organizations. The damage is great and this may take weeks if not months of flights to save these pets. We need your help to fly. We are asking that everyone who sees this post skip the movies, or Starbucks today and tomorrow and instead donate $10 to save the furry victims of #HurricaneHarvey either via Paypal by clicking here: https://www.paypal.com/us/fundraiser/charity/172981, by mailing a check to Wings of Rescue, 6303 Owl Way, Livermore, California 94551 or please visit our website: https://www.wingsofrescue.org/donate/. Please share with all of your friends and family! Thank you! @wingsofrescue has a link in their bio to donate. @humanesociety has a link in their bio to donate. Please share

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11. Thank you to the incredible first responders! 

12. Using any means possible. 

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13. There are a lot of horses in Texas that need your help. To find some good places to donate go here

14. These guys rescued a dog from raging waters.


15. This anonymous guy with a boat-full of pets.

16. These guys drove around collecting stray dogs in the bed of their truck. 

17. Look at this compilation of rescues. So much love. 

18. Rowdy and Chance are at it again, saving mini horses and donkeys from the floodwaters yet to recede. 

There's bound to be more pictures coming out of Texas of people putting themselves into harm's way to save their furry friends. In fact, we are adding to this list in realtime.

Please be safe out there, Texas heroes!

What do you think of these powerful images? Tell us in the comments below.

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18 Harrowing Pet Rescue Stories from Hurricane Harvey