Happy National Puppy Day! Take This Quiz to Find out If It's Time for a New Friend

Posted by Mateja Lane
labrador puppy giving high five

It's National Puppy Day!

Every year on March 23, we take a moment to reflect on how amazing puppies are. With their razor-sharp teeth, puppy breath, and exuberance for life, the world wouldn't be the same without baby dogs in it.

In a 2015/2016 survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), 54% of households in America had a dog, so that means more than half the country is still missing a four-legged companion.

Are you wondering if you should get a puppy? Take this quiz to find out.

These are some important things to consider before getting a puppy. How often are you home? How often are you exercising outside? Can your lifestyle accommodate a puppy that is pretty much like a new baby?

If you are ready for a new companion that will change your life forever for the better, there is no better day to head to your local shelter or start researching puppy breeds than National Puppy Day!

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