Happy Ending for Edgar the Giant Cat Abandoned at Shelter

Posted by TF Oren
edgar the cat
All photos by the Humane Society of Carroll County and The Dodo

Edgar the cat's life went topsy turvy when he found himself abandoned at an animal shelter.

Unfortunately, Edgar and his owner's grandchildren didn't get along well, so Edgar's owner surrendered him to the Humane Society of Carroll County in Maryland. And just like that, nine-year-old Edgar went from house cat to shelter cat.

But there's something unique about Edgar, something that immediately distinguished him from the other cats at the shelter: his enormous size.


Edgar tips the scales at a whopping 21 pounds. He's not fat, though. He's just a big boy.

Fortunately, he's as good-natured as he is large. Shelter staffers who processed his intake at the shelter were struck by how sweet and mellow he was.


Director of animal care at the shelter, Michelle Fidler, said "Edgar was so sweet coming into the shelter and handled his intake process with shining stars."

Fidler posted Edgar's picture on the shelter's Facebook page. She thought the shelter's online audience would enjoy seeing such a unique cat.

She was right.

The response to Edgar's photo was overwhelming. He became an overnight Internet celebrity. People from across the country inquired about adopting Edgar. One of the interested parties was a local woman, Jenna Schwartz.


"As soon as I saw his picture, I was in awe," said Schwartz. "I've never seen a cat that big before, he really catches your eye. He's gorgeous!"

Schwartz and her boyfriend rushed to the shelter to meet Edgar in person. They, like all the shelter staffers, were immediately charmed by the giant cat with the sweet disposition. They decided to make things official, and adopted Edgar that day.


These days, Edgar is living the good life of a cherished pet in his new forever home, which he shares with Loki the cat and Thor the Chihuahua, both rescues like Edgar.

Edgar's story is a great example of how animal rescue changes lives. If you're thinking of adding a four-legged friend to your family, adopt, don't shop.

All photos by the Humane Society of Carroll County and The Dodo

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