Hangry Woof Hip & Joint Chews Provide Pain Relief (and Taste Yummy)

Posted by Jodie Michalak
Hangry Woof Natural Dog Supplements
Jodie Michalak

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Hangry Woof natural dog supplements are formulated with your pup in mind. Whether it's to provide pain relief or to ease dog anxiety, Hangry Woof's wellness chews are worthy of your pet taking a bite.

When something feels off, it is. Humans are used to taking gummy multivitamin chews to boost their health and wellness. Pets, not so much. Unless you're consistently providing your furry friend with calcium and antioxidant-rich dog food, it's likely something could run amok with Fido's health. And that just makes him angry.

We know how it is when we're hot and bothered and hungry for nutrition. Right? It's only natural dogs feel the same. When they're stressed due to separation anxiety (and yes, so many pet owners are returning to the office after a break at home) or battling joint pain (especially older dogs), something's gotta give. Let's not leave out other anxiety issues like the fear of loud noises from seasonal firework celebrations.

Suddenly the Hangry Woof appears. How can you improve your dog's health?

Thehangrywoof.com was generous enough to send their no-filler Joint Chews and Calming Chews my way. Our lucky dogs had the opportunity to try these chewy supplements. And this is how it all went down.

New Customer Review of Hangry Woof Dog Vitamins and Supplements

The Hangry Woof
Jodie Michalak
The Hangry Woof
Jodie Michalak

Let's start this review by pointing out most people aren't thrilled about taking vitamins. Well, in my experience, mostly meaning children or dogs, and other pets. But that doesn't mean they don't need them for their health and wellness.

The Hangry Woof promises new customers a generous return policy. Satisfaction guaranteed. But I don't think you'll need it. (Be sure to apply Hangry Woof coupons if you have them and save on future repurchases.)

Hangry Woof sent Multivitamin chews, Joint Chews, and the Calming Chews to test out. We have the kind of dogs that get overly excited when we arrive at home and get stressed with separation anxiety when we leave. It only made sense we started with these.

The peanut butter Calming Chews were a furry friend's favorite. Because these are supplements and not treats, we had to limit this nutty-flavored indulgence to just twice a day. They weren't too thrilled about that, as expected. We waited and watched the pups for a good hour. We were hoping to catch them in a relaxed state of bliss.

Alas, they saw us pick up the dog leashes, and of course- they ran to the door. However, instead of pulling around the block, they were pretty chill. Like, not barking at other dogs, kind of chill. We're reserving these Calming Chews for situations as intended. Car travel, flights, fireworks, thunder, these Calming Chews are sure to induce a drug-free zen-like vibe.

Does your pet have hip and joint pain? The Joint Chews advanced concentration of glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, and hyaluronic acid eases those troublesome aches. Our dogs don't suffer these conditions yet, but I can't say I wasn't a little tempted to take one for the team. (But, I didn't.)

hangry woof

Lastly, the Multivitamin Chews. The creme de la creme. The heart and soul of Hangry Woof, packed with all the nutrition your pet needs to look and feel his absolute best. I should have known better. Our picky eaters loved the smell of these Multivitamins but weren't keen on tasting.

(I think at this point, they were privy to what was going on.)

However, after a couple of weeks and some creative approaches to administering them, I will say they both appear happier, have more energy, and look forward to the sound of the shaking bottle each morning.

The Final Verdict 

There are plenty more customer reviews on the Hangry Woof website that prove just how much dogs love to feel good.

Vitamins are not the most exciting treat. But over time, you can teach your dog to like them, as old dogs CAN learn new tricks. (And nobody wants to be hangry.)

Treat your dog to better days, better health, and a calmer state of mind. Head on over to Hangry Woof to shop online.

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Hangry Woof Hip & Joint Chews Provide Pain Relief (and Taste Yummy)