Handicapped Golden Retriever Gets Ready for Christmas in the Best Instagram Posts Ever

Posted by Paige Cerulli

This handicapped Golden Retriever doesn't let his disability stop him from welcoming in Christmas in an adorable way. 

Sometimes disabilities slow people down. But nothing's slowing down this handicapped Golden Retriever as he gets ready for Christmas. This sweet pup relies on a dog wheelchair to get around, since his hind legs won't support him. But this dog is always on the go, especially as he gets dressed up for Christmas in the most adorable ways.

Take a look at these awesome photos from this dog's Instagram page!

What a cutie! He looks great as Santa, but we love the Christmas tree light photos, too. Clearly someone is very excited for Christmas!

Want to get some great Christmas-themed photos with your dog? There are tons of possibilities during the holidays. You can have your dog pose in front of the Christmas tree, or head outside for some fun shots in the snow. You might also take your dog to have his photo taken with Santa. Check your local pet stores - they may have some special Santa photo shoots during the week before Christmas.

If you decide to do a home photo shoot, just make sure that your dog stays safe. Taking photos of your dog with Christmas lights can make for a cute look, but keep a close eye on your dog to make sure he doesn't try to chew the lights. Only turn the lights on when they're in place and you're ready to take the photo, and touch them regularly to make sure they don't heat up too much.

The holidays are the perfect time to make new memories with your pet, just like this handicapped Golden Retriever and his owner are doing. We wish you and your pet a very happy holidays!

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Handicapped Golden Retriever Gets Ready for Christmas in the Best Instagram Posts Ever