Hamsters Saved from Fort McMurray Fire, Family Thrilled

Posted by Stacey Venzel

One month after fire evacuation in Fort McMurray, Canada, families are finding happy endings with pets of all sizes, including hamsters.

Fort McMurray, Canada made headlines last month during a raging fire that caused nearly 90,000 residents--and pets--to flee their homes. Airline restrictions were even lifted so that pets could make flights to safety.

Residents are just now being allowed back into the fire-torn city where 2,400 homes were engulfed in flames. Many owners are being reunited with pets they couldn't find or grab in the evacuation panic, including a pot-bellied pig and hamsters.

Five-year-old Isaac Leamon had been away from his home two weeks when he came to his parents sobbing after a nightmare involving his hamster that got left behind. Isaac's father, Dorman Leamon, called the Fort McMurray SPCA who were able to make a trip to the house to check on the hamster.

The Canadian Press
The Canadian Press

SPCA staff reported that Jack the hamster as well as Peanut, Isaac's sister's rodent, were alive, though one was slightly dehydrated. A few dribbles of water helped improve the hamster's health.

The SPCA is homing the hamsters until the Leamon family is able to return. Bylaw officer Stacey St. Germain said rescue and relief teams, for pets and people, are making sure every creature gets help, from bearded dragons to birds, fish and of course, hamsters.

Rodent rescues have made the news in other regions, too. Rodney the guinea pig was rescued from a Florida housefire in April. Workers recently saved an iguana and Great Dane from trees.

It seems everyone realizes the value of pets as family members, no matter how small, squeaky, or scaly.

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Hamsters Saved from Fort McMurray Fire, Family Thrilled