Hamsterfeld Imagines 'Seinfeld' with Hamsters and It's Amazing

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Love Seinfeld? Love hamsters? Hamsterfeld combines the best of both into one adorable hamster comedy world. 

Think hamsters are boring pets? Think again. In fact, the things you can do with hamsters are only limited to your imagination.

A recent trend of creating hamster-sized dioramas has resulted in awesome creations including a hamster "Harry Potter" world, a hamster zombie horror movie, a "Stranger Things" episode with hamsters, and even a Super Mario world with hamsters. And don't forget the hamsters which recreate different scenes, including the "Great British Bake Off." Now we can add "Seinfeld" to the mix.

Take a look at Hamsterfeld, a mashup of hamsters and the comedy classic, "Seinfeld." You'll notice a set which looks awfully similar to the "Seinfeld" set; the sitcom laugh reel, and the theme song gives this video a wonderful touch.

Just wait until Kramer hamster...

Truth is, hamsters can make great pets. Although they have lifespans of just a few years, they can be quite affectionate and with regular handling, hamsters get quite comfortable with their owners. Costs for caring for hamsters are minimal, which makes them very accessible pets.

But before you get a hamster, do some research into the care and types of cages that they need. There are many popular hamster cage styles that really aren't conducive to keeping your hamster safe or healthy. Look for a cage which closes securely - escaped hamsters are hard to find. This is particularly important if you have other animals in your home, especially cats.

And if you plan to make dioramas for your hamsters like the one in this video, use only materials which are safe for your little pet. Hamsters love to chew, so avoid toxic materials at all cost.

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Hamsterfeld Imagines 'Seinfeld' with Hamsters and It's Amazing