If Hamsters Were Wizards: The Magical World of "Hamster Potter"

Posted by Paige Cerulli
hamster potter

If you love Harry Potter, hamsters, or both, then you need to take two minutes out of your day to watch "Hamster Potter."

"Harry Potter" is addicting. The wizarding world is a magical place that we've all wished we could step into at least once. And while there won't be any more "Harry Potter" movies - at least not in the near future - "Hamster Potter" gives us a chance to step back into that magical world we first encountered so many years ago.

"Hamster Potter" takes the magic of "Harry Potter" and recreates the story with hamsters. From the Great Hall at Hogwarts with its floating candlesticks to learning how to ride brooms to play Quidditch, "Hamster Potter" encompasses some of the most memorable scenes and events from the books and movies.

The hamsters seem to be having quite a good time, too. Take a look!

We can only imagine how much time went into crafting these elaborate scenes and setups. They come together to make an absolutely adorable movie, though, so we think the talent and time that went into these setups was definitely worth it.

There have been a lot of hamster setups and movies released lately. If you want to see more fun hamster scenes, check out this movie about what might happen if hamsters were zombies. Or take a look at these scenes created with hamsters, including a scene from "The Great British Bake Off."

Working with hamsters definitely takes some creativity and a bit of patience, but the results can be absolutely awesome. We're hoping that there will be a "Hamster Potter II" in the works!

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If Hamsters Were Wizards: The Magical World of "Hamster Potter"