Hamster Playing Real-Life Super Mario Will Make Your Day

Posted by Paige Cerulli

This hamster's owner made him a real-life Super Mario obstacle course, and the results are more awesome than you could imagine. 

Hamster fan? Super Mario fan? Either way, this adorable video has you covered. Because when you combine hamsters and Super Mario, you get the greatest video ever. This lucky hamster gets to take on this video game world brought to life by his owner's creativity.

Watch this hamster navigate a real, 3-D Super Mario course. He avoids mushrooms and climbs through tubes, scurries up brick walls and must dodge the dangerous jaws of the piranha plant. It's cute, it's fun, and it just might be your childhood dream brought to life.

We totally understand if you don't have the time, creativity, or patience to make your own hamster an obstacle course as complex (or as perfect) as this one. But hamsters can definitely benefit from changes in their scenery, such as the addition of obstacles, tubes, and new objects to explore. In the wild, hamsters would get much of their exercise from gathering food, but we give our domesticated hamsters their food in a little cup, so they don't have to do much in terms of physical activity.

It's easy to give your hamster some mental and physical stimulation, though. Objects as simple as toilet paper tubes or boxes with some holes cut into the sides can keep your hamster well entertained. Try to let your hamster out of his cage on a daily basis for supervised playtime - just make sure that your other pets are secured out of the room whenever your hamster's out. There are also many store-bought hamster toys and tunnels that your pet may enjoy.

But if you're feeling creative and have some free time, you can always pick a video game and bring it to life for your hamster to enjoy, too. Just be sure to send us a video of the finished product if you do!

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Hamster Playing Real-Life Super Mario Will Make Your Day