Hamster Just Trying to Stay Fit, But the Wheel Ain't Easy

Posted by Mateja Lane

Getting motivated is tough. 

This hamster is just trying to stay fit on his wheel and his little buddy is making it pretty hard.

He loads up the wheel, and attempts to get started. But his little white friend decides he wants to work out too, and he is much more motivated. Pretty soon, the white hamster has some momentum and the first hamster has no choice but to hold on as the wheel starts to turn.

He gets flipped around the wheel, upside down, and starts looking really flustered. And then, well, his day is ruined.

The poor little hamster gets stuck in the side of the wheel, and his friend is NOT STOPPING. As he frantically tries to wiggle out, the wheel just keeps spinning behind him.

Finally the first hamster gets out of his entrapment, after a pretty epic backflip, and finds himself back on the wheel. He looks frazzled and it's like his hamster instincts just take over and he starts to try to run himself. He does a few slow laps and then decides today is not his day on the wheel.

And you know, isn't this a metaphor in life? Just trying to get in shape, get ahead, and then someone comes along and just blows you out of the water. Or maybe life is the wheel, and we are just trying to make the wheel turn but sometimes we just can't hold on and life moves on so fast behind us.

We are just along for the ride.

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Do you watch your hamsters running on the wheel? Have they ever had epic falls like this? Tell us in the comments below.

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Hamster Just Trying to Stay Fit, But the Wheel Ain't Easy