Halo Dog Food Is Put to the Taste Test

Posted by Amber King
Dog with Halo dog food

Your dogs may eat anything you put in front of them, but the type of food you feed your pets matters.

My dogs, Copper and Bailey, would eat trash if I let them. And while it's always tempting to let them chow down on whatever they find at the bottom of the bin, I know their diet is a big part of their health and well-being. I'm always interested in learning new ways to better care for my pups, and Halo gave us the opportunity to try their new recipes.

dogs with Halo dog food

Halo pet products has been around for over 30 years, and they've always advertised their holistic dog and cat food to be completely whole and humane. They use whole-meat products - never rendered meat meal - and they focus on high-quality ingredients that are non-GMO and free of growth hormones, antibiotics, and preservatives.

Copper and Bailey knew something exciting was happening the minute the box of Halo food was delivered. Chalk it up to their heightened sense of smell or their habit of diligently following my every move, they were more than eager to help rip off the tape and see what was inside.

box of Halo dog food

Copper, a 70-plus pound Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, holds the record for "Fastest Meal Consumption" in our household. He started inhaling his Halo dry dog food before taking a second to realize it was different.

While only a few pounds shy of Copper's bulk, Bailey is a more tentative eater. She likes to know exactly what's in her dish before chowing down, and she doesn't like all types of dog food. After a few sniffs, she deemed the new stuff to be worthy of her appetite, and she cleaned her bowl several minutes after Copper started begging for more.

Halo dog food passed the taste test, but the real question was how it made them feel. Like humans, dogs need specific nutrients and vitamins to keep them feeling and looking good. Copper has always had a sensitive stomach, and his hungry eyes can get him into trouble when it comes time to do his business (if you know what I mean).

dog sniffing Halo dog food bag

Halo highlights the "superior digestibility" of whole-meat dog food, and the recipes are formulated to make "going" easier for dogs. According to Halo, The Holistic Surf and Turf Recipe dry food:

  • New packaging and improved formula with higher palatability, formerly called Halo Spot's Stew
  • Ingredient list includes WHOLE whitefish, chickpeas, lentils, turkey, non-GMO vegetables and fruits, and NO "meat meal" of any kind
  • Proven superior digestibility, providing more bioavailable nutrients to your growing puppy, the Proof is in the Poop
  • NO growth hormones or antibiotics, no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, and no factory farming--we call this OrigiNative sourcing
  • Made with DreamCoat® Skin and Coat Care from non-GMO plant sources and Vitamin E--to support healthy skin and shiny coat


After a few days on the Halo diet, Copper's digestive system had no problems processing the new food. I didn't catch him chomping on grass in the backyard, and instead of taking three poop bags on our walk, I only needed one.

Besides digestibility, Halo is also crafted to support skin and coat health. As a suspected terrier mix, Bailey's fur is rough and wiry. She has several bald spots caused by a past life, and I resorted to coconut oil to help her look and feel her best. The Halo recipe, however, includes non-GMO soy protein concentrate, non-GMO flaxseed, and Vitamin E supplement, and the coconut oil now stays in the pantry unneeded.

dog with Halo dog treat on his nose

For dessert, I treated Copper and Bailey to Halo's Liv-a-Littles. These freeze-dried, whole-meat treats are bite-size, and both Copper and Bailey love them. They're up and sitting patiently by my feet as soon as I open the jar. They like both the wholesome chicken and salmon treats, but the chicken is their favorite.

Not only did Halo pass the taste test, but it also provides Copper and Bailey with a well-balanced diet. Copper and Bailey don't realize Halo is making them healthier, but I feel confident they'll thank me later.

Have your pups tried Halo pet food? Let us know in the comments.

All images via Amber King.

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Halo Dog Food Is Put to the Taste Test