Halo Cat Food Is Put to the Taste Test

Posted by Amber King
cat eating Halo cat food
All images via Barb Himes

Whole-meat food is the key to your cat's healthy diet.

While many commercial cat food brands list "rendered meat meal" as one of the first ingredients, there's a better option for your feline friend. Meat meal is what you get when you mix together different kinds of meat and take away the moisture and fat. It's not fit for human consumption, but pet food companies frequently use it as a source of protein.

cat eating halo cat food

My cat, Jack, is a picky eater. He cares about what's in his dish, and if he isn't happy with it, he'll meow in hunger until he gets what he wants. He may not know whether a cat food is made from whole-meat or rendered meat meal, but I know that what he puts in his mouth will affect his overall health and well-being. In his hunt for a better dinner, he tried out Halo cat food.

The first ingredient in Halo's Holistic Game Bird Medley recipe is turkey. It's whole turkey, and not turkey meal. After that, the bag lists other healthy ingredients including dried peas, dried chickpeas, duck, and goose.

bag of Halo cat food

While Jack's favorite activities include climbing window screens and shredding potted plants, he's slightly overweight. He's a picky eater, but once he finds something he likes, he's been known to rip the bag and chow down when no one is looking.

This healthy weight recipe from Halo is low in calories and fat. Five percent crude fiber helps cats feel full so they don't feel the need to beg for more. Despite this, Jack hasn't stopped meowing when his dish is empty. It's too early to tell whether his new diet will help him shed the pounds, but Halo cat food is one of the few dry cat foods he's excited about eating.

cat eating Halo cat treats

Jack's favorite part of the day is anytime we bring out the Halo salmon Liv-a-Littles. These freeze-dried treats have only one ingredient--salmon. There's also a chicken option, but Jack goes crazy for the salmon. They're healthy, so I don't have to worry about them ruining his diet, and there's something about freeze-dried salmon that makes my cat roll around on the floor in pleasure. To Jack, they're the perfect snack. To me, they'd be better if they didn't smell like a neglected fish tank. But the stench is testament to the whole-meat ingredient, so it's worth it.

It's not easy to please my stubborn, persnickety tabby, but Halo cat food provides a well-balanced diet that also tastes good. And Halo Liv-a-Littles are even better than milk lapped straight from the cereal bowl.

Does your cat eat Halo cat food? Let us know in the comments.

All images via Barb Himes

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Halo Cat Food Is Put to the Taste Test