Halloween Night: How to Keep Your Dog Safe and Stress-Free

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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Halloween night brings with it all sorts of fun scares, but your dog might not feel the same way about this. Here's how to keep him happy and safe.

One of the fun things about Halloween is that we can give ourselves quite the scare, all the while knowing that we're safe. Between trick-or-treaters and crazy costumes, Halloween night is anything but your average night.

Unfortunately, your dog can't understand this, and Halloween night can actually be stressful and even dangerous. These tips can help you keep your dog safe and stress-free this Halloween.

Keep Candy out of Reach

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Candy is a major hazard to your dog on Halloween. Keep all candy well out of your dog's reach and secure it up in cupboards or other areas that your dog can't get to.

Keep Your Dog Away from the Door

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Trick-or-treaters are bound to visit your door repeatedly this Halloween. Unfortunately, costumes can be scary for dogs, and even if your dog is usually respectful of the door, the unusual feel of this holiday can make him uncomfortable.

You never want to risk your dog rushing at a trick-or-treater or running out the open door, so keep your dog in a different room or on a different floor of the home. Set up a room with a radio or television playing, bring your dog's bed in, and try to have someone stay in the room with your dog if he's truly stressed.

Turn the Doorbell Off

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With your dog secured away from the main entrance to your house, try to minimize the amount of noise that he'll hear. Turn your doorbell off and have someone stationed by the door so trick-or-treaters don't even have to knock.

Avoid Letting Your Dog Outside

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Never put your dog out in your fenced-in yard on Halloween. Dogs who are stressed act differently, and your dog may try to (and succeed in) escaping.

No matter how secure you think your yard's fence is, it's best to keep your dog safely in your house until the night's activity has died down.

Trick-or-Treat with Caution

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If your dog is social and relaxed around people, you may be tempted to take him trick-or-treating with you. Think carefully about this decision. Your dog may not react to people wearing masks or capes well, and there's a lot of chaos that goes on during Halloween.

If you choose to bring your dog, make sure that his harness or leash is very secure. Be sure to pay attention to how he's behaving, and if he gets stressed, bring him back home.

Halloween should be a fun holiday for everyone in your family, including your dog.

Happy Halloween!

Tell us your safety tips in the comments!

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Halloween Night: How to Keep Your Dog Safe and Stress-Free