This Guy Wants to Buy 40 Horses and Set Them Free with GoPros at Burning Man

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Horses at Burning Man
Andrew Smales via GoFundMe

While the Burning Man festival is all about art, this guy's idea to set 40 horses loose at the festival might push the boundaries just a bit.

Horses have always been a major source of inspiration for artists. From horse tattoos to sculptures to paintings, horses are depicted in just about every art form imaginable. But Andrew Smales of Tononto, Canada, wants horses to BE his art. Forty horses, to be exact. You see, Smales plans to buy 40 horses, attach Go Pros to each horse, and then set them loose at the Burning Man festival.

If you're not familiar with Burning Man, it's an annual festival held in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. Burning Man is essentially an experiment in both community and art, bringing together artists from all over the world to share their gifts with the community that is created. It's a huge celebration of self-expression, and ultimately an effigy in the shape of a man is burned on the Saturday night of the gathering.

horses at Burning Man

Smales realizes that his plan for Burning Man will be expensive, and he's started a GoFundMe page to finance the art. Smales is trying to raise $50,000, and at the time this article was written, he's already more than halfway met his goal.

Now, before you go donate, there are a few issues here. One is the fact that this year's Burning Man festival runs from August 28th through September 5th, so unless Smales is able to partially finance the project himself, it's unlikely that it will happen. Secondly, the project is not registered with Burning Man at this time.

There's also the safety issue of letting 40 horses loose in an area crowded with people. A quick search of the festival's website didn't reveal specific rules about the use of live animals in art, but this could be a barrier for Smales' work. Additionally, officials may turn away the idea because of the risk of injury to both horses and humans.

It should be interesting to see whether Smales' exhibition takes place at the festival. If it does, be sure to check back - we'll provide you with all of the updates!

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This Guy Wants to Buy 40 Horses and Set Them Free with GoPros at Burning Man