Guy Is Sick of Cat Waking Him up at Night so He Returns the Favor

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Tired of his cat rampaging in the night, this man takes a very different approach to getting his cat to sleep through the night. 

If you have cats, then chances are you've been woken up at 2 or 3 in the morning by them ricocheting all over the house. Maybe your cats meow, or maybe they start up a lively game of tag. Whatever the reason, cats rampaging in the middle of the night definitely interferes with your beauty sleep.

This man decided that he'd had enough, and that his cat had woken him up in the middle of the night one too many times. So, this guy took matters into his own hands, waking his cat up from a deep sleep in order to turn the tables and teach him a lesson.

Take a look.

So, this certainly isn't the best way to deal with your cat waking you up at night. His cat probably didn't get the lesson he was trying to teach, and we'll bet that his cat woke him up again the next night.

But there are ways that you can encourage your cat to sleep through the night. First of all, provide your cat with plenty of activity. Indoor cats in particular often get less exercise than they would in the wild, and this results in extra energy. Get your cat a cat tree, get some good toys, and really spend time playing with your cat during the day.

Next, make sure you understand your cat's natural activity cycles. In the wild, cats hunt, eat, and then sleep. Try to mimic those activities in your own home. Before you go to bed, give your cat a really great play session. Get his favorite toys and have him leaping and running after them. Then, feed your cat - this simulates how your cat would eat after catching prey.

After playing and eating, your cat will be ready to sleep - and hopefully that means that you can get a full night's sleep, too.

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Guy Is Sick of Cat Waking Him up at Night so He Returns the Favor