This Guy Pets His Dog to Relax But Holy Moly - That Is a Hell Hound!

Posted by Amber King
Paul Rugg and his dog

Petting a dog is supposed to relieve stress, but this guy doesn't seem to be doing it right.

Writer and voiceover actor Paul Rugg is best known for being the voice of Mr. Director in "Animaniacs" and "Pinky and the Brain."

He's a big name in the world of animation, but like most small name people, Rugg deals with daily stress.

He decided to share his personal wisdom on the topic of stress relief by getting in front of the camera for a PSA about the joys of petting a dog. He says:

"You see, petting your dog is one of the most relaxing things you can possibly do."

His small lap dog sits placidly tucked under his arm while he talks about the science of stress relief. But things change when Rugg moves on to the demonstration part of the video.

The little pup erupts into a ball of furry and attacks the hand coming down to offer pets. The dog takes repeated bites into Rugg's hand and fingers, but the experienced actor never breaks character.

The small dog obviously doesn't agree that petting a dog is a good way to relieve stress, but Rugg keeps at it in an impressive display of pain management. The ironic nature of the video has caught the Internet's attention, and it has since gone viral.

Rugg's speech is full of factual information about how petting a dog releases feel-good hormones in your body - just be sure to pet a dog that isn't a hell hound!

What do you think about Paul Rugg's stress relief strategy? Let us know in the comments.

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This Guy Pets His Dog to Relax But Holy Moly - That Is a Hell Hound!