This Newborn Bunny Photoshoot May Be Too Cute for Words

Posted by Mateja Lane
Images by Ashraful Arefin via Bored Panda

This bunny had a baby bunny so the owner decided to have a newborn photoshoot. 

Ashraful Arefin owns a bunny named Tooni who recently gave birth to a brand new little bunny.

Arefin wanted to capture the special moments of the little newborn learning about the world around it.

"I've seen some amazing human newborn photographs online and wanted to try something like that."

Here is the newborn photoshoot for Tooni Jr.

Birth Certificate Essentials 


New Smells


Brand New


Growing Fast


Eyes Open


Already Posing


Already Exploring


Perfect in Every Way


Arefin knows that the world can be an ugly place sometimes and he hopes his bunnies can help bring a smile to your face.

He knows that this world needs "more happiness and what can be better option than a fluffy little bunny!"

We couldn't agree more, Arefin.

Congratulations Tooni on a perfect Tooni Jr addition!

Tell us what you think of this sweet bunny photoshoot in the comments below. 

Images by Ashraful Arefin via Bored Panda

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This Newborn Bunny Photoshoot May Be Too Cute for Words