Housekeeping Cleans Room and You'll Never Guess What's in the Bed

Posted by Mateja Lane
cleaning trolley in hotel

"Oh shoot, I think I forgot my snake."

Lots of things are left behind in hotel rooms when guests check out. Shirts in the closet, maybe a lone toothbrush or razor in the shower. But housekeeping at the Rodeway in in Ashville, North Carolina found someone's forgotten reptile while making the bed.

Suppose he just slept through his wakeup call...

A five-foot boa constrictor was found curled up in the comforter and after employees freaked out a little, they called 911.

The police came and put the snake into custody while the hotel called the guest who left earlier in the morning.


Turns out the snake is a three-year-old Colombian red tail boa constrictor. His name is Chuck and he belongs to a man named Neil Miller. 

Miller checked out of his hotel room and forgot Chuck, whom he refers to as his "son," behind, to the dismay of the housekeepers who found him.

"I set him down for two minutes and forgot about him, walked out," Miller said. "I was terrified."

man and snake

Miller went to go pick Chuck up from the Asheville police station saying that Chuck was generally in a good mood, despite the ordeal.

Nobody was injured by the snake, save for a scare, and Chuck and Miller were let off with a warning.

What would you do if you found a boa constrictor in your bed? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Housekeeping Cleans Room and You'll Never Guess What's in the Bed