Guinea Pig Rides Alongside Dog in a Wheelchair and It's Amazing

Posted by Stacey Venzel
wheelchair dog guinea pig
Team Leo Animal Rescue/Facebook

Rex and Smores are unlikely best friends, cruising around together in a doggy cart.

Rex is an elderly Boxer who cruises around in a wheelchair due to rear limb paralysis. He was slated for euthanasia at a California shelter when his now-owner Holly Walthers had him flown to Colorado to live happily ever after with her.

But Rex was in a prolonged state of mourning after losing his best canine friend, Tyson.

Getting another dog could possibly lift Rex's spirits, but having an old pooch in a wheelchair requires extra care-taking, and space was an issue.

Enter Smores the guinea pig to the rescue.

wheelchair dog guinea pig
Team Leo Animal Rescue/Facebook

Tiny enough to fit into the house and easy to care for, Walthers took in the young cavy last winter when Smores needed a new home.

According to Walthers, the two animals became instant besties. They roam their owner's business together, snuggle on the couch side by side, and even go on hikes together. Yes, Smores has her own piggy basket fitted to the wheelchair.

They're such good friends that Rex refuses to go anywhere without his little squeaker friend. Rex even leaves carrots in his bowl just for Smores.

In case your heart hasn't melted enough, you should know Smores sometimes rocks a mini sombrero while the pair go on their adventures together.

With a growing Facebook following, the furry bestie celebrities have earned themselves the nicknames "Rockin Rex" and "Sidekick Smores." Aside from visits by locals and travelers, people even reach out to Walthers for cyberspace pick-me-ups of the unlikely duo.

Walthers, who founded Team Leo Animal Rescue, even admits she has a hard time getting work done with all the cuteness surrounding her. Who wouldn't?

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