Guinea Pig Hoarders Abandon 100 in Field, Relinquish 200 More to Shelter

Posted by Stacey Venzel
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A Northwestern shelter is seeking homes for hundreds of abandoned guinea pigs.

Last week, over 100 guinea pigs were discovered in a field along a road in Umapine, Oregon. Shortly thereafter, some 200 cavies were dropped off by a couple at the Blue Mountain Humane Society in eastern Washington.

When officials asked the couple if they were responsible for abandoning the guinea pigs in the field, they confessed that they were at a loss at what to do.

Guinea pigs, like rabbits, have impressive fecundity. When not spayed or neutered, females can be impregnated within only a few months after birth. Males will mate with any viable female, relative or not. The gestation period is also brief at only about three months. With an average litter size of four, two piggies can quadruple their numbers quite rapidly.

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Blue Mountain Humane Society's director, Sara Archer, discussed the general response to the cavy hoarding incident. She said the public voiced "outrage and frustration and disappointment."

While the shelter is actively trying to adopt out all these new rodents to locals, dozens have been sent to rescue centers across the nation that sympathize with the situation.

Archer pleaded with concerned citizens to reach out when they find themselves in a circumstance like this instead of dropping helpless critters to fend for themselves. She told Komo News:

"We will not judge you. We will not enrage you and make you feel small but we are here to help and avoid situations exactly like this."

The Umatilla County Prosecutor's Office is currently handling the case while the couple awaits possible prosecution.

If you know of someone interested in homing a guinea pig, contact the Blue Mountain Humane Society directly at 509-525-2452.

What would you do if you found 100 animals abandoned in a field? Tell us in the comments below.

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Guinea Pig Hoarders Abandon 100 in Field, Relinquish 200 More to Shelter