Guide Dog Goes Missing After Only 10 Days with Owner

Posted by Krissy Howard
WXYZ Detroit 

After only 10 days with his new owner, a yellow Lab named Brinkley, a leader dog for the blind, has gone missing in Almont, Michigan. 

It's a sad story, but urgent news, and a case that has countless people searching. Brinkley, a yellow Labrador Retriever and trained service dog, has gone missing from her Almont, Michigan home. Brinkley had gone to her new owner, Jackie McKeon, just ten days before running away. Now, McKeon and her community are searching for their companion and helping hand, and are asking for everyone's help.

McKeon, who lost her eyesight four years ago, came to work with Brinkley through Leader Dogs for the Blind, a Detroit-area organization which pairs Leader Dogs with the blind and visually impaired.

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McKeon states that Brinkley went missing from her front yard on Saturday, May 27. Usually kept on a 40-foot lead in her front yard, the dog came loose when a lawnmower accidentally cut the line. Another mower then frightened Brinkley, sending her running off to parts unknown.

"As soon as the lawn mower started, she took off," McKeon said, in an interview with Click on Detroit.

"I tried to run after her. I went down the middle of the street asking for help."

Search efforts started in the area McKeon lives in, and have since expanded in all directions. Anyone who has seen Brinkley is asked to please call Leader Dogs for the Blind at (248) 651-9011 and press 7.

Brinkley is only 18 months old and is likely to be a bit nervous of people she doesn't know. She's described as a "cinnamon-colored" yellow Lab, and should still have a piece of the tie-out cord attached to her collar. A $1,000 reward is being offered for her return.

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Guide Dog Goes Missing After Only 10 Days with Owner