Grumpy Former Feral Gets Mushy over Tiny Kittens

Posted by Krissy Howard

A formerly feral cat got a second chance when adopters took him in, and the walls he was forced to build out on the streets came crashing down upon meeting a couple of baby kittens. 

He lived his entire life on the streets and has the battle scars to prove it, both physical and emotional.

According to a story published by People, a senior cat named Mason, from British Columbia was rescued by the TinyKittens group, a volunteer-run non-profit that works to keep cats and kittens in their community cared for. Referred to by all he encountered as "grumpy," the old guy got a second chance at life, allowing him to live out the remainder of his years experiencing the comfort of a loving home for the first time ever.

Despite coming in with an injured foot and several abscessed teeth, which caused him a lot of pain, his adopters were amazed by how well the former feral adjusted to domesticated life, although Mason still struggled when it came to socializing with his new housemates, often hissing and scratching at them anytime anyone would offer him a pet or touch.

Regardless, things were going relatively well, but when his new family brought two foster kittens home, things got even better.

It only took a few investigative sniffs before the kittens were climbing all over Mason, nuzzling his ears and snuggling up for a nice nap. Seeing Mason finally find contentment just goes to show that in rescue, amazing things are possible, and happen every day. Now instead of "grumpy," Mason goes by "Grandpa."

Mason is one of the lucky few ferals to find a second chance at happiness, as many who are captured are unfortunately euthanized as they are harder to place in homes due to lack of socialization.

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To learn more about feral cat communities and colony upkeep, check out this article which highlights the work TinyKittens is doing for ferals in their area, or find a trap and release program near you.

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Grumpy Former Feral Gets Mushy over Tiny Kittens