Gruff Bearded Man Has the Sweetest Snuggle Sesh with His Cat

Posted by Paige Cerulli

We admit it: We're envious of this man and his cat's epic snuggle session. 

Everyone needs a good snuggle sometimes. You've gotten home from work after a long day, light the fireplace, and stretch out on your couch. If you're the lucky man in this video, then you have the best cuddle buddy possible: an utterly adorable and very affectionate cat.

These two? They're pretty adorable best friends. The cat is so pleased to be getting some snuggle time in with his human, and you can just see the love on his face. This kitty is warm, comfortable, and oh so happy.

Take a look and tell us you're not just a little jealous!

Some cats are true cuddlers. Others are not. Unfortunately there's not much that you can do to convince your cat to cuddle with you if he really isn't feeling it. But if your cat is the cuddling type, it can be the perfect way to relax at the end of a day.

Cats show affection in a number of different ways, so even if your cat isn't into cuddling, don't feel discouraged. Your cat may rub himself against you to mark you as being his territory. He may head butt you to encourage you to pat him, and if he starts purring when you pet him, he's letting you know that he likes what you're doing and you should continue.

If your cat is a hunter, he may also bring you animals that he's caught. While we might not think these are the most thrilling gifts in the world, it's just another way that your cat is showing you that he likes you.

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Gruff Bearded Man Has the Sweetest Snuggle Sesh with His Cat