Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. Gives Back to Dogs in Need

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Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co.
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When Jordan Karcher unexpectedly found himself staring into the soulful eyes of an adoptable Dalmatian, his idea of good business changed.

CEO and founder of Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co, Karcher knew adopting Molly would change his life. He wasn't exactly prepared to bring a rescue dog into his home, but he couldn't resist the feeling that he and Molly were meant to be. He took his new four-legged friend home, and she quickly became a major part of his life. He told Wide Open Pets:

"Though I had no intention of becoming a dog owner when I left my house that morning, I knew immediately that this skinny pup was coming home with me."

man petting rescue Dalmation

Not only did Karcher gain a family member and best friend the day he took in Molly, he also earned an updated perspective about the plight of rescue animals. While countless other dog owners have similar stories about how they met their beloved pet, there's still an obvious lack of support for rescue organizations. Molly inspired him to do something about it.

"While we [Molly and I] did nearly everything together, the activity that we enjoyed most was waking up for a long morning walk and a hot cup of coffee. After two years of this routine, it finally struck me that countless others must start their morning the exact same way. It was this subtle insight that truly laid the foundation for Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co."

Karcher calls coffee the "drink of revolutions" and founded Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. based the beverage's ability to "revolutionize the way we treat our furry friends in need."

Not only are the brews sold by Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. 100% Fair Trade and Organic certified and sourced from the best coffee-growing regions of the world, but also 20% of all proceeds are donated to animal rescue.

"Utilizing coffee as our catalyst has allowed the Grounds & Hounds business model to generate consistent, growing donations through the repeatable, everyday act of drinking coffee," Karcher said.

Grounds & Hounds founder petting rescue dalmation

When you purchase a bag of Paper & Slippers Blend, Morning Walk Breakfast Blend, or any of the other uniquely concocted fair trade organic coffee products, Grounds & Hounds looks at the zip code from the order and makes a donation to the rescue partner nearest that point. Customers see their money going directly into their community to help local dogs in need of good homes.

Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. offers both single bags and coffee-lover kits in a variety of brews. The Rescue Parent Morning Essentials package even includes a reusable grocery bag, travel tumbler, and baseball hat to go with four bags of the most popular blends.

Karcher hopes pup parents of rescue dogs will enjoy their morning fresh brew pick-me-up knowing they're making a difference for countless dogs in their area. Karcher is determined to bring about positive change and says, "We know the path to a zero-euthanasia rate is long and arduous, but we are striving to make a difference and provide a second chance for every pup, one cup at a time."

All images via Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co.

Will you help support your local animals by drinking Grounds & Hounds Coffee? Let us know in the comments.

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Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. Gives Back to Dogs in Need