This Grocery Store Took the Best Cat Videos and Made an Awesome Commercial

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If you love funny cat videos, then this grocery store commercial has been designed specifically for you. 

If you surf YouTube or take a scroll through Facebook these days, one thing becomes incredibly apparent: Cat videos are taking over the Internet. Seriously, they're everywhere.

The elite videos - the funniest, the craziest, the cutest - go viral, spreading across seemingly the entire Internet within hours or days. They rack up millions of views, thousands of comments, and even more shares.

With the Internet's adoration of great cat videos, it's no wonder that businesses are starting to catch onto the idea of using them in advertising. Cat food and cat litter commercials have started to resemble the cat videos that you would find online, but this grocery store commercial takes things one step further.

Take a look at this commercial - it's entertaining, we promise. Keep a careful eye on the cats that you see, and on what they're doing. Notice anything familiar?

Yep, these cats and their behaviors come from some of the top-ranking cat videos online today. With a bit of manipulation and some CGI effects, these cats become adorable shoppers and store employees. You have to admit, watching this commercial is entertaining, and we bet you'd even look forward to seeing this commercial on your television.

Are you hoping that a video of your cat will go viral? In order to help your video gain popularity, try to focus on something that your cat does which is really funny or unique. Make sure that you use a quality device to capture the video, too - many cell phone videos are poor quality and can be difficult for Internet users to view. You'll also want to do as much as possible in order to film your cat under good lighting so that your video comes out well.

While every cat video might not go viral, there are so many great cat videos out there that you could easily spend days or weeks watching fun and entertaining videos.

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This Grocery Store Took the Best Cat Videos and Made an Awesome Commercial