Green Gratto and Gaston Grant

Green Gratto: Man Wins Big with Horse He Got for Free


Horse trainer Gaston Grant never expected the horse he got for free to become the star of the stable. 

But that is what racehorse Green Gratto has become, winning him over a million dollars in prize money.

Grant trains six horses and works a regular job as well. Thanks to the racehorses' early workout schedules, he is able to complete his training in the mornings.


Teamed with jockey Kendrick Carmouche, Green Gratto, or "Gratto," quickly became a top horse for him. Though the handsome bay Thoroughbred is territorial on the ground, he is a complete professional on the track. Grant likens him to a businessman with tie and briefcase.

And best of all, he brings in a check every time he runs. In 59 races, Gratto won $1.1 million in prize money.

"Every owner would want to own a horse like that ... He's just a superhorse; I just love him to death."

Check out this superhorse and his loving trainer for yourself:

From stable to winner's circle, it seems clear that Grant and Gratto make an amazing team.

Would you like to own a horse like Green Gratto? Tell us below. 

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