Great Reasons Why You Should Get a Second Cat

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If you need to convince yourself or another family member, here are some awesome reasons for why you should definitely get a second cat

Do you ever wonder if your cat is lonely? Does he seem bored? Do you feel guilty when you leave for work, knowing that your cat will be alone all day? Well there's one easy way to fix that - get a second cat.

I know, making the decision to get a second cat isn't something that you should do on a whim. After all, cats require care and attention and veterinary treatment, so you should absolutely make sure that you're prepared to support another cat before you bring home a companion for your own cat.

But if you're mulling over bringing home another cat, or if you need to convince a family member who isn't yet sure that a second cat is a good idea, then you'll definitely want to check out this cute and funny video.

If you choose to bring a second cat into your home, then you'll need to give your current cat time to adjust to the idea. Keep the new cat in a separate room for a few days, but allow the cats to sniff at each other under the door. It's important to provide your first cat with plenty of reassurance and attention so that he doesn't feel that the new cat is replacing him.

Once the new cat has had a little time to settle in, you can start by opening the door to the room to let the cats meet face to face. You'll want to closely supervise these initial meetings, and the cats will probably hiss or growl at each other. With time, most cats will learn to get along quite well. It you already have a male cat, bringing a female cat into the home can increase the chances that the cats will accept each other, and vice versa.

With so many benefits to having two cats in your home, will you be bringing home a new cat soon?

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Great Reasons Why You Should Get a Second Cat