Great Ideas for Christmas Stockings for All the Horses in Your Barn

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Christmas Lights in barn

Christmas stockings instantly add a bit of cheer to your barn, plus we have some awesome ideas for things you can do with your horse's stocking.

It's time to start getting into the Christmas spirit, and that includes your barn, too. There are tons of fun decorations you can use in your barn, but Christmas stockings might be one of the easiest and most versatile decorations out there.

We've found some great ideas to help you get started.

Buy Unique Christmas Stockings

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When shopping for stockings for your horses, you'll have tons of choices. There are many different stockings out there, and some are even horse-themed.

Want to splurge? Go for a quality stocking and have your horse's name professionally embroidered on it for a longtime keepsake. Have a bunch of horses, or don't want to spend that much money? You can pick up a basic stocking at any store, then use glue and glitter to write your horse's name across the top.

Make Stocking Decorating into a Party

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If you have boarders at your barn, consider getting everyone together for a stocking decorating party.

You can make it a part of a larger barn Christmas party. Have snacks and cookies available, decorate stockings, and take fun winter photos with your horses.

Hang Stockings Carefully

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When it comes time to actually hang the stockings, think carefully about where you position them in the barn. Stockings can be tempting to curious horses, and you don't want to risk your horse getting ahold of the stocking and chewing or eating it.

Hang stockings in areas where horses can't access them, such as on a solid stall door. It's an even safer option to choose a wall in your barn or tack room to hang the stockings on. Worried about putting nails in the wall? Use those Command removable hooks.

Stuff Stockings

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Stuff your horse's stockings on Christmas Eve. There are all sorts of fun stocking stuffers that are horse-appropriate. Individually wrapped peppermints and candy canes make great choices, as do small bags of horse treats. Apples and carrots are okay, too, but make sure that you remove them before they start to rot.

Stockings make a great addition to any barn. Be sure to share your photos of your horse's stocking with us!

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Great Ideas for Christmas Stockings for All the Horses in Your Barn