Great Danes Have Giant Welcome for Their Soldier Home from Deployment

Posted by Paige Cerulli

These Great Danes can hardly believe it when their owner steps into their room after arriving home from deployment. 

When Great Danes are involved, everything is bigger and better. And that includes welcome home greetings - when these two Great Danes see their owner return home from deployment, they can't contain themselves.

When soldiers are deployed, not only do they have to leave their families behind, but they also have to leave their pets. This can be particularly hard on dogs who have strong emotional ties to their owners. In some cases, family is able to step in and care for the dogs. But other times, soldiers must put their dogs in boarding while they're away on deployment.

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, and I think if you asked these Great Danes, they'd agree completely. Take a look at the warm welcome when they're reunited with their owner.

If you need to leave your dog for a long period of time, there are some ways to make the separation easier on your pet. Try to find a way that your pet can remain in the home while being cared for. If that's not possible, then look for a situation which is familiar to your pet, like staying with a friend or family member your dog knows well.

If you need to leave your dog in boarding, do your research first. Find a boarding facility which is reputable and which provides excellent care. Ask lots of questions and check references to make sure that the facility takes great care of the pets.

Finally, leave your dog with some toys and other familiar items. You may want to leave your dog a sweatshirt that you've worn - it will smell like you, and can be reassuring.

Plus, when you come home, you can look forward to a warm welcome like this one!

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Great Danes Have Giant Welcome for Their Soldier Home from Deployment