Great Dane Is Just So Happy to Get Picked up After Boarding

Posted by Amber King
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Leaving your pet behind at a kennel is difficult, but the reunion is always sweet.

While pet owners try their best to take their furry friends with them everywhere they go, pet-friendly travel plans don't always work out. Boarding kennels are the go-to solution, but they don't make saying goodbye any easier.

A Great Dane named Kernel was separated from his family for three long days. His owner dropped him off at the kennel while they were out of town, but the big dog didn't want to see them go. After the initial separation, he settled into his temporary situation as a boarder, but he couldn't wait to see his owner again.

When Kernel's family finally came to pick him up, they caught their adorable reunion on camera. Even surrounded by other dogs and distractions, Kernel knew right away his owner had entered the building. The look on the giant dog's face when he finally lays eyes on his favorite person is enough to make every pet lover say, "Awww!"

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Towering over all the dogs and even getting close to topping his owner's height, Kernel looks like a big, excited baby jumping all over his person. He may have had a good time hanging out with his canine friends, but nothing comes close to the love he has for his family.

No matter how long you're gone or what you're doing on your trip, you always miss your pet. The one good thing about coming home from vacation is being reunited with the dog. The moment is made so much sweeter when they show they missed you just as much as you missed them.

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Great Dane Is Just So Happy to Get Picked up After Boarding