Great Dane Determined to Fit in Tiny Bed Is All of Us with 2017 Goals

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Who doesn't love a challenge? This Great Dane is certainly up for the fight as he tries to fit into a tiny bed. 

There's something to be said about determination, and this Great Dane has plenty of it. Sure, the bed may be too small. In fact, the bed is probably for a small dog or even for a cat. But that doesn't mean that this determined dog can't use it. No, not at all.

This Great Dane circles and circles, trying to find a way to make the dog bed work. And in the end, he does....kind of. Take a look at this funny dog!

Big dreams, big goals, big plans. It's pretty much all of us with our 2017 resolutions and goals. Sure, we may bite off more than we can chew, and sure, sometimes we try to make the impossible possible. But if we're anything like this Great Dane, then we'll do our very best to make things happen. And we certainly won't give up!

This large pup might be a bit more comfortable with a larger dog bed. Or even a human-sized bed would be a better choice. But sometimes there's no reasoning with dogs, and you have to let them learn things on their own. We hope this dog got comfy eventually in his miniature bed.

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Great Dane Determined to Fit in Tiny Bed Is All of Us with 2017 Goals