Great Dane Delivers Fried Chicken Like a Pro, But It's Not to the Kitchen

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When it's time to unload the groceries, this Great Dane knows just what to do with the fried chicken. 

If you present most dogs with a box of fried chicken, there won't be much of anything left within a minute or two. But this Great Dane isn't like most dogs. He has the ultimate self restraint, and is happy to carefully carry the box of fried chicken out of the car, into the home, and right over to his dog bed. Most amazingly, he doesn't even try to take a bite!

Wouldn't it be nice if you had a dog who could help you bring in your groceries like this one does? This Great Dane is super careful with his cargo, and he clearly knows just what he's supposed to do. Take a look at this cute video!

It doesn't look like this dog actually got to eat the chicken, which is a good thing. Dogs should never be allowed to eat cooked chicken bones. Chicken bones can splinter, causing issues including intestinal or bowel perforation.

Never give your dog chicken bones.

If your dog ever does eat something that he shouldn't have, including chicken bones, call your vet right away. Don't try to induce vomiting unless your vet tells you to; doing so may cause more harm to your dog. Instead, stay calm but act quickly to get your dog the treatment he needs.

Of course, if your dog is as good as this Great Dane is, then he definitely deserves a treat - just without the bones.

What do you think of this sweet video? Tell us in the comments below.

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Great Dane Delivers Fried Chicken Like a Pro, But It's Not to the Kitchen