Classic Tail: 'Great Catsby' as Performed by Cats and Dogs

Posted by Allie Layos

This version of "The Great Catsby" will soon become your favorite. 

The beloved novel "The Great Gatsby" has been adapted to screen numerous times, but this adaptation, known as "The Great Catsby," may top all others, because it uses cats and dogs cast as the main characters.

This version of the classic "tail" follows the same plot as the original, but in "The Great Catsby" viewers get to hear the story from Nick Carraway, a brooding and reflective Boston Terrier.

After moving to New York and settling on Long Island, he soon discovers that his neighbor, the mysterious feline "Jay Catsby" is desperately in love with his beautiful cousin Dizzy. Unfortunately for Catsby, Dizzy is married to the Golden Retriever Tom Buchanan ... the "old money, entitled, purebred sort."

Watch what happens when Nick sets about to help reunite them.

Though the characters are played by cats and dogs, this version somehow retains the same tragic allure that has enticed readers -- and viewers -- for generations.

Five barks for Catsby!

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Classic Tail: 'Great Catsby' as Performed by Cats and Dogs