GRAPHIC: Street Puppy Rescued After Falling into Boiling Water

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Animal Aid Unlimited, India received a call about a severely burned puppy that needed immediate help.

The caller reported that the puppy had fallen into boiling water and was suffering from terrible burns to her underside and legs.

The rescue team rushed to the scene. They found the puppy cowering inside an abandoned building. The severity of her condition was readily apparent, and her life was hanging in the balance.

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They wrapped her in a blanket and rushed her back to Animal Aid's shelter.

At the shelter, she began receiving emergency veterinary care for her burns. The burned skin was dead and needed to be removed in order to prevent life-threatening infection from setting in, but the process of removing the dead skin was slow and painful. It took seven agonizing days.

In spite of her predicament, the puppy, later named Basanti, braved her way through, and her caretakers fell in love with her sweet and patient nature.

Watch Basanti's incredible rescue and recovery story unfold:

After three months of intense treatment, Basanti was fully healed and well on her way to a happier future.

Thanks to Animal Aid's tireless efforts, Basanti is a happy, healthy puppy who will live out her days at Animal Aid's facility in the company of other rescued animals.

Click here to learn more about Animal Aid's lifesaving work on behalf of India's street animals and find out how you can help save precious lives like Basanti's.

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GRAPHIC: Street Puppy Rescued After Falling into Boiling Water