GRAPHIC: Baby Donkey with Massive Head Wound Rescued Just in Time

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Animal Aid Unlimited received a call for help on behalf of a baby donkey with a gruesome head wound.

The rescue team rushed to the scene and what they found was shocking.

The baby donkey's gaping head wound was so deep, the bone was exposed. The festering wound was crawling with maggots and needed immediate attention.

Rescue workers captured the baby and her mother and put them in the rescue truck. The two were whisked back to the Animal Aid shelter where the baby began receiving emergency medical treatment.

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First, rescuers applied a powder to the wound to kill the maggots. After a few hours, the maggots were dead and the wound was ready to be cleaned, but not before the baby was dosed with pain meds and antibiotics.

The little donkey, later named April, was a real trooper throughout her ordeal.

After ten days of intense wound care and lots of TLC, she was a brand new girl! Her wound was healing nicely and she was well on her way to a much happier future.


Today, April is a happy, healthy girl who will live out her days at Animal Aid's shelter in the company of other rescued animals.

Fortunately, April was rescued in the nick of time before she succumbed to her injury, but not all street animals are so lucky.

Click here to learn more about Animal Aid's lifesaving work on behalf of India's street animals, and learn how you can help save precious lives just like April's.

Craving another happy ending? Check out this mama donkey who refused to leave her baby's side until help arrived.

What do you think of little April's amazing turnaround? Let us know in the comments section below!

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GRAPHIC: Baby Donkey with Massive Head Wound Rescued Just in Time