GRAPHIC: Animal Aid Rescues Baby Donkey with Massive Hole in Head

Posted by TF Oren
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When Animal Aid Unlimited received a call about a critically injured baby donkey, the rescue team sprang into action to save a precious life.

When the team arrived on the scene, they found the donkey with a grotesque, gaping hole in her forehead. Every second that passed was precious time wasted. She needed to get to a vet as quickly as possible.

The rescue workers captured the injured baby and loaded her into the truck. But they couldn't leave without her mother, so they caught her and put her in the truck with her little one.

They rushed the pair to the Animal Aid shelter. There, the baby began receiving emergency veterinary care. The caregivers applied powder to the bloody head wound in order to kill the maggots. After several hours, the maggots were dead and the team could get to work.

It took the baby, named April, two months to recover from her horrific injury, but thanks to her will to live and the lifesaving efforts of her rescuers, she pulled through. Watch her miraculous rescue and recovery journey:

Today, April is a happy, healthy baby who will live out her days with her mom by her side in the safety and comfort of Animal Aid's rescue facility.

For April, help came in the nick of time, but for many of India's street animals, that is not the case. Click here to learn more about Animal Aid's tireless efforts on behalf of India's forgotten animals, and learn how you can help save precious lives, just like April's.

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GRAPHIC: Animal Aid Rescues Baby Donkey with Massive Hole in Head