Got Milk?: Test Your Farm Animal Milk Knowledge [QUIZ]

Posted by Stacey Venzel

If you just drink whatever milk is available, you might want to rethink that. Goat, cow, and sheep milk are very different from each other.

All milk is not created equal. Quality of milk varies from farm to farm, just like honey produced from bees varies with the region. Every individual mammal has a specific diet and body chemistry that alone alters the benefits of its milk, explaining how some individuals within a species produce more than others.

But between species, the general chemical and structural components of milk differ. If you're consuming your pet farm animal's milk, is it the best choice for you?

Take this quiz to find out if you're the next Dairy Queen, and if the milk you are drinking is right for you.

Lactose-intolerant people might benefit from one milk while someone suffering from a calcium deficiency would be better off drinking another. Additionally, for those running a soap and lotion or cheese business or relying on whole milk for coffee creamer, you might want to look into which animal could help you out the most.

Of course, when you add milk brands and percent signs to the picture, things get a little convoluted--and diluted. But if you're a cowgirl or cowboy at heart raising a clan of country kin, maybe your family should look into becoming goatgirls and goatboys, or sheepgirls and sheepboys! Or maybe it's best if you drink a little bit of all three.

To some people, milk is milk. But this quiz shows this isn't quite the case.

Tells us how you did on the quiz in the comments below!

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Got Milk?: Test Your Farm Animal Milk Knowledge [QUIZ]