12 Photos of Gorgeous Hay Bale Fields Because #CountryLife

Posted by Mateja Lane
Three hay bales on a field in summer.

There is something serene about dotted hay bales on the horizon. 

Driving country roads is mesmerizing. As the roads stretch on before you in gently sloping ribbons, you pass by cows at fences as they chew their cuds and slowly nod; you wave at the horses, donkeys, and goats as they frolic the fields and graze the pastures.

And dotted amongst all the farm animals and barns are huge hay bales, rolled until they are necessary for extra feed.

You can't call yourself country if you don't love seeing a hay bale or two.

1. Breathtaking

Hay bales and twilight sky - panoramic view

2. Blue Skies, Golden Bales

Hay in a meadow, fabulous landscapes

3. Five in a Row

hay field

4. Up Close and Sprawling

hay bale field

5. Golden Sunset over Golden FieldsGolden sunset over farm field with hay bales

6. Quaint Is an Understatement 

Hay Bales in Umbria, Italy

7. Stormy Fields

stormy fields

8. Traditional Rolling

making hay bales

9. Vintage Country

black and white hay field

10. Hay Bale Fun

Young woman jumping over hay roll bales in a field

11. Country Panorama

A field with hundreds of hay bales and a lonaly tree in golden sunset light

12. Classic Scene

Hayfield and Barns

There's nothing more comforting than wide open spaces dotted with barns, animals, and hay bales. These rolls of hay, compiled of grass, legumes, and other plants, are cut, dried, and rolled to store on the land for the animals to graze on.

They are imperative for grazing animals when the pasture doesn't provide the correct nutrients or if the weather doesn't permit grazing access.

But they really are just symbols of the countryside and hard work; that's why we love them and the scenes they help distinguish.

How much do you love the sight of hay bales? Tell us in the comments below. 

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12 Photos of Gorgeous Hay Bale Fields Because #CountryLife