Good Samaritan Rescues Foal Stuck on Bridge as Mama Watches Helplessly

Posted by TF Oren
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Help came just in time for a little foal in a bizarre predicament.

While crossing a bridge with its mother, a tiny foal managed to slip through gaps in the wooden beams.

Its left foreleg had fallen all the way through the gap, so the baby was stuck up to its shoulder with little hope of freeing itself. Unable to help but unwilling to leave, mama stood by helplessly.

Then, just in the nick of time, a good samaritan happened upon the pair. After a few attempts, he was able to lift the foal out of the gap and carry it across the bridge to safety as mama followed close behind.

Watch the rescue here:

Thanks to this man, mama and baby were able to walk away unharmed. Good samaritan for the win! Plus, he probably raked up a few good karma points for this one.

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