Good Samaritan French Cyclists Save Horse Stuck in a Ditch

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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A little bit of good timing and some dedicated kind-hearted cyclists helped to rescue this horse stuck in a ditch. 

When French bicyclists were out for a ride, they never imagined that they would come across a horse stuck in a ditch. But luckily for the horse, the cyclists stopped and came up with a plan to help the stranded animal.

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The horse had somehow fallen into a ditch so deep that he couldn't climb out. He was covered in mud and was fatigued from the struggle.

The cyclists tied a long rope around the horse, then the group tried to pull the horse up the bank. One cyclist ultimately got into the water with the horse to help push him out.

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Horses weigh 1,200 pounds on average, so moving the animal was a challenge. The cyclists were successful, though, and the horse was able to stand up on its own. He didn't appear to be injured, just very muddy.

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No one knows just how the horse got stuck in the ditch, but horses get themselves into all sorts of precarious situations.

It's possible that the horse was frightened and ran into the ditch in his panic, or he may not have seen the edge of the ditch and could have slipped down the muddy slope.

rescue 4Rescuing horses can be a real challenge. Often horses need to be sedated to calm them down, and the use of slings and heavy machinery is typically needed.

The cyclists pulled off this rescue all on their own, though, which attests to how calm the horse stayed and how determined the group was to get him out.

All images courtesy of Jukin via

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Good Samaritan French Cyclists Save Horse Stuck in a Ditch